Danny's Death - The Truth About Proheart 6

FDA Issues Report Confirming the Link

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I want to tell you the story about my dog, Danny. Danny was a perfectly healthy five-year-old part Golden Retriever mix who was energetic and happy. He would spend his days swimming in the creek behind our suburban home, playing fetch with my son, and lounging about like any other pampered pet. Early this spring, we decided to switch to a new heartworm preventative called Proheart 6, which was supposed to be better because one injection would last all summer. The only problem is that it killed Danny.

Distraught, I asked the vet if it was because of Proheart 6, and he said that it was highly unlikely. But, searching the Internet, I found similar stories, and finally, a few months ago, I stumbled across an FDA report that confirmed that it has been linked to canine deaths! I therefore created this site so that others will not have to go through what my family has faced. Help spread the word - don't let this happen to your dog!

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